Teacher Research Paper Prize

ERAS Conference Teacher Research Paper Prizes

In recognition of research by educational practitioners in schools and tertiary institutions in Singapore (e.g., Polytechnics and Technical institutes), ERAS will be presenting up to three prizes of SGD$2,000 each to the three presenters/teams who are awarded the Teacher Research Paper Prizes. A plaque will be given to the school of the winning authors. 

All entries must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Practitioner- and school-based research papers from educational institutions in Singapore.
  2. Authors/Presenters must not be from degree awarding institutions.
  3. Research must have an impact on teaching and learning (e.g., a teaching strategy to improve student learning).

Authors/presenters should have first submitted an abstract for presentation by 12 March 2018 via the conference website. The application for the ERAS Conference Teacher Research Paper Prizes can be submitted using the Teacher Research Paper Template via the conference website. The deadline for submission of Teacher Research Abstracts and Papers is Monday 16 April 2018.

Winners will be announced at the closing of the conference on Wednesday 14 November 2018.